Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Repetitive Parenting!

This month I'm going to join in on the fun over at the The Nesting Place, where many a blogger is committing to write each day during the month of October.  I came across this writing challenge through Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama.  Check out either of these blogs to see what some of the "31 Dayers" are doing!

As I contemplated what to write about for 31 days straight, I realized that it should probably have something to do with my everyday life.  As the saying goes, "Write what you know!"  Hmmm, with three kids ranging from three to sixteen, I suppose that qualifies me to write about my kids.  Surprise, surprise.  What did you expect at My Mid-Life Motherhood?  31 Days of quiet relaxation?  31 Days of world travel?  I think not.

Come on by, if you dare, for 31 Days of Repetitive Parenting!  A behind the scenes look at our parenting through the typical quotes, sayings, phrases that our kids hear on an almost daily basis.  Sometimes these quotable quips may seem pithy, universal or just plain, odd, to those spying on our family dynamics.  This is our opportunity to give you the "why" behind our "because I said so" and the method to our parenting madness!  Please note the use of the royal "we" regarding these parenting phrases: some will be exclusively Hubby's, some will be exclusively mine, and others we both use...quite our kids could tell you with much rolling of their beautiful, blue, teenage, eyes!

Let the fun begin.  Click on the links below to see our most repetitive parenting quips!

#1: I Love You!

#2: Don't Do Stupid Things. 

#3: I Think You've Got The Wrong Parent. 


#5: Just give me a minute! 

#6: I'm so proud of you! 

#7: What are you wearing? 

#8: Are you trying to get into more trouble?

#9: The movie will answer your questions. 

#10: Who's the fun parent?! 

#11: Someday you'll be smarter than me, but today is not that day."  

#12: I'm Sorry.

#13: Say, "Yes, Mommy."

#14: Jesus Loves Me 

#15: We are using our money for other things.

#16: No one ever thanks their Mom for letting them quit piano. 

#17: Bring me a BIG BOOK! 

#18: It's not about you. 

#19: What did I just say? 

 #20: That's the plan.

#21: What do ya think God wants ya to do? 

#22: I don't know. 

#23: How was school? 

#24: Vampires are always bad. 

#25: They have so many other good qualities! 

#26: Never give away the ending! 

#27: What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. 

#28: Do you want to be like Cinderella or the wicked step-sisters? 

#29: Let's play a family game! 

#30: You can't always believe what you hear from a ______. 

#31: Who are ya texting?

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