Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Repetitive Parenting: Day 25 "They have so many other good qualities!"

On days when we might find ourselves frustrated by the antics of our children, we can commonly be heard reminding each other (and them) that, "They have so many other good qualities!"

Acting silly!
Usually, when one of the kids makes a silly slip up, (forgets a lunch, neglects the dishes or doesn't pack flip flops for a beach trip) we just shake our heads, laughingly, and sigh, "They have so many other good qualities!"

They dress up nice!  At a friend's Quinceanera in 2011

Little do they know, that I repeat this mantra often to myself while in the midst of dealing with yet another toddler tantrum or teen moment.  It helps to remind myself of how wonderful my kids are, especially when things are starting to drive me crazy!

All three of them are beautiful, creative, and funny.  Cupcake is beyond cute and adorable.  Bud is kindhearted, smart, witty and helpful.  Darlin' is thoughtful, sociable, intelligent and passionate.

My teens impress me with their musical talent and academic acumen on a regular basis.  Their inquisitive nature leads them to ask thought provoking questions regarding religion, politics, culture and more.  I enjoy that we can have intelligent conversations about more than just the weather!

I am thankful that each one has a unique personality that adds to the interesting dynamic of our family of five.

Even though this particular quip began as a joke between Hubby and I, it has become a way to remind us of our kid's successes instead of fixating on their shortcomings.  So the next time they drive me up the wall, I will continue to repeat, "They have so many other good qualities!"

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