Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Repetitive Parenting: Day 6 "I'm so proud of you!

Parenting is very often a bi-polar experience.  One minute I may be exasperated with the constant barrage of questions, frustrated with the the forgotten lunch or impatient with potty training.  The very next moment I may be amazed by an art project, moved by a musical piece or impressed with the imagination.

At times I am purely overcome with pride and joy at the accomplishments of each of my children - and I'm not afraid to tell them so!

"I'm so proud of you!" is a phrase uttered in our household quite frequently - in response to achievements great and small, alike.  It is expressed emphatically with scholastic accolades and athletic awards.  It is seen in a standing ovation for a leading role, jumping off the bleachers to cheer for a 3 pointer, or a big bear hug at the end of those first few steps.

Yet there are many moments where it is communicated along with a knowing smile, a pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on or a whispered congratulations.  I hope that my kids know how proud I am of them in those smaller moments.  Those times where they have welcomed a newcomer, encouraged one another, made a difficult decision or shared a toy with a friend.  These things reveal their character - the way they behave when no else is looking.

As our teens have ventured into various activities, they have had opportunity to be rewarded with several special awards and titles.  The ones that have made me the proudest are those that have acknowledged their Christian character.  There is no greater joy than knowing that my children are becoming a living testimony of God's love to those around them.

My hope is to encourage them to continue to thrive academically, socially and spiritually.  Verbalizing how proud I feel is an important way to help them build confidence in who they are and who God has called them to be.  It reminds them that they are noticed, they are important, and they are loved.

Therefore, "I'm so proud of you!" is something I will continue to repeat.

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