Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Repetitive Parenting: Day # 3 - "I Think You've Got The Wrong Parent."

Often my teens will approach me with a variety of intricate questions, rambling on and on, until they look up and see me staring at them with a look of feigned pity.  Oh, silly, silly kids.  Don't they know me by now?  I just shake my head and respond, "I think you've got the wrong parent."  When I'm in a really sarcastic mood I change it up a bit, (ya know spice of life 'n all) with something along the lines of, "I think you may have me confused with the six foot two, blonde man that lives in this house."

The younger the child the longer the attempt to persuade me that I can indeed answer the query until I convince them otherwise.  On occasion, they catch themselves before interrogating me.  Once I heard the familiar call from Bud, "M-o-m!"  Immediately followed by, "Oh, never mind.  It's a math question.  Darlin'?!"  He's learned, if Dad ain't home, skip Mom and ask sis!

To be clear, I'm not talking simple math, but referring to more complicated queries that fall into the realm of what I like to refer to as, "Dad Questions."  These may include, but are not limited to the topics of: aeronautics, robotics, engineering, physics, electronics, mechanics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, computers, etc.  Get the picture?  (My kids, sure do ask intelligent questions.)

As I told Hubby, up front, I don't do math (or science) much to his dismay.  Took it in school, studied it, learned it, aced the test - promptly forgot it!  Give me theology, history, language, art, philosophy, sociology, and I can probably help out or steer ya in the right direction. The rest of it I leave to Hubby to answer.

If fact, I'm convinced that all boys at sometime in their lives go to some secret class where they learn the answers to such "Dad Questions."  It's the only logical explanation I have for why Hubby (and countless other dads) can give such detailed answers to questions like:  How do airplanes fly?  How do phones work?  What is condensation? or Why is the sky blue?

I have even tested this theory on a couple of teenage guys who gave quite scientific answers as to why the sky is blue.  Of course, they looked at me in shock when they learned that my response to that age old question was, "God made it that way."  (Pretty much my go-to answer for most of these questions.  Which never quite helps with the math homework.)  See?! They had already taken the class!

Now, I am sure that there are plenty of moms out there who are mathematicians and scientists who can field these types of inquiries and my hat goes off to them.  As for me, I am thankful that Hubby can take the lead when it comes to the topics that are not my strong suit.  Isn't that what makes marriage grand?  Being a compliment to one another.  It is also quite handy in the parenting department.

Parenting helps us define and refine those areas in which we may shine a little brighter than the other.  It also helps me recognize when the spotlight is not on me but my spouse.  It is in those moments, that I gladly bow out, let him take center stage, and repeat my line, "I think you've got the wrong parent."

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  1. My husband is so excited that he knows how to answer those types of questions. He can't wait until our son is old enough to ask them (who looks forward to the "why?" phase?!). He's finally found a use for his endless fountain of what I call useless knowledge!