Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dancing With The All Stars: Week Two!


The dresses sparkled and the dance moves dazzled during week two of the all-stars on DWTS!  The Jive and Quick Step were showcased in top notch form!  It's hard to say which dance style I prefer, as these are probably my top two favorites.  May have to lean toward the Jive for the oldies style music and nostalgic costumes!

I tend not to enjoy the more non-traditional Jives and Quick Steps as much (sorry, Bristol and Drew)  I am enthralled, however, with the those that choose a more traditional style of costume, music and dance moves.  Some of my top picks were Melissa, Apolo, Joey & Sabrina (who earned the first 9 of the season!)  'Course the All-Star "Sweet Hearts," as Carrie Ann nicknamed Shawn and Derek, took the top spot in my heart!

So who may be doin' the quick step out of town with the Result Show?  My guess is that Kelly, Bristol and Kirstie may be most at risk over the next few weeks.

I would really like to see Bristol continue, so I hope she isn't next to leave.  I thought her first dance last week really showed how much she had improved, but her Quick Step was not up to par.

Kirstie did a wonderful job and it is hard to believe that she is 61!  I'm just not sure she can compete at the same level as the 20-something's she is up against.

Which leaves, Kelly.  Does anyone watch soap operas anymore?!  I'm thinking, she just may not have the necessary fan base to keep up with the rest of the pack no matter how elegantly she may dance.

We shall see!

Result Show Update

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I cannot believe that Joey Fatone was the next to go!  Shocking that his fan base didn't keep him in the running.  I will truly miss his fun and entertaining spirit!

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