Friday, November 4, 2011

Allergy Free Fun Fridays: Chocolate Crispy Treats

Recently I bought Ricemellow Creme by Suzanne's Specialties. Immediately I put together a yummy rice cereal treat.  They have various recipes on their website, which helped get me started. (Looking forward to trying out the fudge recipe for Christmas time!) I found that the treats were very tasty, even brought them to a pot-luck at church where they disappeared quickly! They hold up best when kept in the fridge. Enjoy!

 Here's my allergy free version!  Leave a comment with a link to your favorite allergy free rice cereal treat:)

Chocolate Crispy Treats (DF, WF, GF)

1 Cup Suzzane's Ricemellow Creme
1 Tbsp soy margarine
1 Cup dairy free mini chocolate chips
4 Cups crispy brown rice cereal

In 2 quart saucepan, melt margarine and Ricemellow Creme. Stir til smooth. Add chocolate chips and stir til melted. Remove from heat and add crispy brown rice cereal. Press into greased 8" or 9" pan. Cool in fridge and cut to serve.

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