Saturday, October 15, 2011

Over Packing Baby

I am notorious for over packing all the possible baby items we may use on a family trip. Usually each of us has a bag or two depending on the length of our stay, but Baby fills up the rest of the mini-van!  How is it that the tiniest of us inevitably needs the most stuff?!

I came across this printable packing list from What To Expect and thought I would pass it along to any of you who may be traveling with your tot over the next few weeks.  As Thanksgiving approaches and we plan a possible road trip to visit family, I will most certainly use this handy-dandy guide.  Perhaps now, we can sit comfortably in the car for hours on end rather then perched awkwardly next to the tote of toys, backpacks, diaper bags, boxes of wipes and bags of diapers!

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