Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About...The Baby & Toddler Expo!

Recently I had the opportunity to take my two daughters to the Baby & Toddler Expo sponsored by Montgomery Media Parents Express Magazine.  Fellow bloggers and our families were treated to a private breakfast hosted by Chrissy from Mama's Little Helper.  Thanks to Chrissy's fantastic flare with event hostessing, we were able to enjoy a free day at the Expo including a continental breakfast and swag bags with coupons and gifts from Expo vendors.  I thought that I would take advantage of my weekly Top Ten list to highlight some of my favorite things from the Baby & Toddler Expo.

1. A girl's day out with my two dear daughters!
Cupcake & Darlin'

2. Time at the Blogger Breakfast meeting new people like Chrissy and reconnecting with those that I met at the Getting Gorgeous event in NYC!

3. Watching Baby enjoy her first experience with a petting zoo!  She kept trying to climb into the corrals with the animals.  Her favorite seemed to be the baby chicks, as she eagerly jumped up and down, squawking along with them!

4.  The diaper derby, which Cupcake could have won if she had understood the concept of rolling her egg with the wooden spoon.  Rather, she enjoyed watching the older kids, while she took off after their eggs, yelling, "Baaallll, Baaallll, Baaallll!"  She has really been enjoying her consolation prize of a magnetic Hop puzzle (pictured above) provided by Montgomery Media & Parents Express Magazine.

5. Cupcake enjoyed munching on a new snack from Mum-Mum.  The Baby Mum-Mum is a lightly sweetened rice snack and the Toddler Mum-Mum is a melt-in-your-mouth, light, strawberry flavored, wafer.  Baby (and I) enjoyed the taste!  If you are avoiding wheat for your baby or toddler, I highly recommend them.  Even if you're not restricting wheat, they are a tasty treat, that is especially easy for babes with few teeth or those that like to use their new chompers!
6.  I was quite excited about the hand held wire cheese slicer from Cabot Cheese!  Baby also enjoyed the free samples and an adorably, squeezable cow toy.

7.  Cupcake never seems to keep any hair ties or bows in her hair, but she loves a pretty headband.  She enjoyed the bedazzled pink butterfly headband we purchased at 3 Little Giggles!

8.  Kid's Music Sampler CD from Pitter Patter Productions.  What a perfect name for the company!  I love the lullabies, especially the soothing sounds and beautiful harmonies of their music! 

9.  In contrast to the lullaby CD, Music Monkey Jungle had us dancing, clapping and just about rolling on the floor laughing with my teen's favorite, The Potty Song.  Yup, our inner junior higher emerged as we found ourselves laughing hysterically while Baby danced excitedly to one of her favorite new songs!  Incontinence was nearly an issue with the lyrics, "singing about poop just kinda feels wrong!"  I have a feeling we will be listening to this CD often, especially when we enter the potty training phase.  Now if I can only get my teens to stop playing it for their friends....

10.  Darlin' and I enjoyed watching Cupcake walk around and see the sights.  It was fun to watch her play on the play sets, even if I missed catching her when she went down the slide solo and landed with a thud on her bum, staring at me in shock!  Ooops!  Even though I missed catching her, I managed to catch it on video!  Bad Mommy.

If you attended the Baby Expo, join in on the fun with your Top Ten below!

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