Monday, May 2, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Week 7

Settling down to enjoy this week's Dancing With The Stars along with a little glass of wine!  Apparently, they are adding a living legend of Latin dancing, Donnie Burns, to the ballroom as a guest judge for Ballroom Greats week.  In attempting to ascertain his accent my daughter asked if he was Scottish, English, Irish or, "uhh Whalish?"  We promptly broke into laughter and she proceeded to speak whale from Finding Nemo.  After better hearing the brogue, we were able to correctly determine that he is indeed, Scottish!

The night started off with an awesome Cha Cha Cha competition.  Chelsea, Ralph and Romeo attacked the dance floor with a Latin flare!  I am in shock over the low scores they just received.  They deserved better than double 8's and double 7's.  This does not look good for the black team as Hines, Kirstie and Kendra are next to tackle the floor in hot pink!  They looked great, but I think the black team had more complicated moves to keep in sync.  Oh, my, it's a tie score.  Has that ever happened before?!

Chelsea: As this is Ballroom Greats week, Mark's mom, Shirley came to help with some Paso training.  It was a very modern Paso, but Chelsea sure brought the intensity and did a wonderful job.  Haha!  Bruno called it a Quentin Tarrentino Paso Doble!  He's not my favorite director, but I can see that.  The comments were mixed from the judges which is reflected in their double 8's and double 9's score for a total of 34.

Kendra: Luca, a cool looking dude with a romantic accent, came in to help her learn how to feel the dance in her Tango.  She seemed to have a few flubs in the footwork and I didn't think it looked like her best dance, but based on the judges comments, they seemed to like it. She landed a total of 31.

Kirstie:  Shirley Ballas came to visit and help Kirstie with her Jive.  That was an entertaining Jive to La Bamba.  I don't think Len will like the long entrance and I think Kirstie lost a bit of her footing.  It was fun to watch though!  Surprised that Len liked it's playfulness, even though he thought it wasn't much of a Jive.  Donnie's comments were very nice and I think he got it right when he told her that she had something special between the steps...I think that's why we all enjoy watching her dance.  A bit surprised at the 9 from the guest judge, but she ended up with an appropriate score of 30 with her straight flush.

Ralph:  Got some similar tips from Luca, as Kendra did, about feeling the dance.  That was an adorable and vivacious Quick Step!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I sure hope he's got a 10 coming to him. Wahoo!  Ralph's first 10 from the guest judge.  An 8 from Len plus double 9's gives him a 36.  The comeback kid takes the lead!

Hines:  Luca stopped in to help him refine his technique and his buddies came to razz him a little bit.  He delivered a smooth, classic Tango.  Not his best dance, but wonderful to watch nonetheless.  Wow!  Bruno gave him a 10!  With the rest of the 9's, he'll receive a total of 36, which ties him with Ralph for the lead.

Romeo:  Shirley showed up to show Romeo some hip action for his Samba.  He seemed to enjoy the training, but didn't seem to deliver it during the dance.  Chelsea was dancing circles around him and he just never seemed to turn it on as he has in previous weeks.  The judges were critical, but I think I agree with Len that the fire was definitely lacking.  Three 7's and an 8 gives him a 29.  Although it wasn't his best dance, I still think he deserved the same or better score than Kendra.

What a shake up on the leader board tonight! Romeo lands in the bottom, while Ralph and Hines tie for the top spot.  Tune in again tomorrow for my Result Show Update to see who will be heading home.  I have suspected Kendra's departing just about every week, but I'm thinking that she may just survive another week.  Unfortunately, I think Romeo or Kirstie might be saying good bye tomorrow night.


Chelsea, Ralph & Romeo kicked off the evening with an exhibition of last night's Cha Cha...which makes me think that the judges did indeed like it better than the other team's!

First saved is Hines and first in jeapordy is Kirstie.  No surprise there.

What a breathtaking performance from a ballerina!  Hard to believe that she started at 13 and has only been dancing for 4 years!

Ralph is safe!  Oh, no...Chelsea is in jeopardy.

Tribute to James Brown with Wayne Brady!  As impressed as Hubby and I have always been with Wayne, we are even more so after this performance!  He is amazingly talented - one of the best entertainers of our time - especially when it comes to musical improv! 

Surprisingly, Romeo is safe.  I thought he might have been going home after last night's lackluster performance, but I'm glad he'll be stickin' around because he is usually very entertaining.  Kendra is in jeopardy, so it could actually be her time to go.

So all the women are in jeopardy.  Kirstie is saved first.  Down to Chelsea and Kendra.  I'm getting nervous...whew...Kendra is going home and Chelsea is staying!  I really wish they would stop putting Chelsea in jeopardy and give the girl (and me) a break with the nerves!

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