Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About . . . Getting Gorgeous in NYC!

On Saturday I posted my top ten favorite things about the Getting Gorgeous event in New York City.  I thought that since today is Top Ten Tuesday, here at My Mid-Life Motherhood, that I would invite those who attended that event to participate and share their favorite things about Getting Gorgeous.  If you did not participate, then feel free to share some of your favorite things about NYC in general.

To avoid repeating myself, I will focus on my favorite items from the various goodies gathered from vendors or gleaned in our goodie bags from the gals at Getting Gorgeous.  Enjoy!

Top Ten Things I Love About...Getting Gorgeous Goodies!
  1. Spin Pin hair twists from Goody.  Amazingly one of those spirals can hold all of my hair in a bun!
  2. My new black velvet Secret Sleeves scarf!
  3. Degree motion activated deodorant.  Love the long lasting scent!
  4. Bejeweled flip flops from Flipout Sandals that my teenage daughter is very excited about!
  5. Fragrant lilac candle from sarahpotempa.com!
  6. Pretty dangly earings from Studio Jewel
  7. Date night provided by gift card for Restaurant.com (Woohoo! A night out without the diaper bag!)
  8. 15 Minutes Outside  by Rebecca P. Cohen.  Great ideas I look forward to using with Baby!
  9. Fur lined ipad cover from Weight Watchers, which happens to fit my laptop!
  10. Getting glam and tip from Michael at Hair Room Service:  Don't rinse out conditioner.  Leave it in to cut down frizz in my mop of hair.  Tried it and it works better than any anti-frizz product!

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