Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Life In A Diaper Box

I just returned this afternoon from a refreshing and rejuvenating women's retreat.  Yesterday, I was asked to introduce myself to the group in a box talk.  It's a creative way of getting to know someone as they talk about their life using items they have in a box.  I chose to fill a diaper box with various items that represented different parts or aspects of my life and who I am.  I thought that I would share with you...
My Life In A Diaper Box!
  1. Wedding Picture: We will be married 19 years this June.  I decided to include our wedding picture because ya never look as good as the day ya got married!
  2. Disney Star Wars Picture:  This family photo is a favorite of mine with our two older children in Disney World MGM Studios for Star Wars weekend.  It combines two of our favorite loves...all things Disney and Star Wars (just in case that wasn't clear!)
  3. Our Little Cupcake Picture: This frame is so perfect for our little Cupcake and it also represents my love of decorating cakes for our children's birthdays.
  4. My Laptop:  I enjoy blogging about the antics of raising two teens and a tot here at My Mid-Life Motherhood!  Also the reason I chose to stuff all of my items in a Luv's diaper box.
  5. Basketball:  Somehow, I, the most unathletic person I know, am a basketball Mom!  Believe me, this is probably the most shocking part of parenting...that your kids may just be interested in things that you cannot comprehend!
  6. HERSHEY Bag:  As a regular at the Jersey shore in the summertime, I had to include my giant beach bag.  I love this bag because I'm a huge chocolate lover and I defy anyone of you to challenge my self-proclaimed title, "Ultimate Chocolate Lover!"  Talk to me when you've received a 10 pound bar of chocolate for your anniversary! (don't worry...I didn't eat it all alone...if you did than I gladly concede my title!)
  7. Sunblock:  Despite the fact that I love going to the shore, ya really can't get much whiter than me.  In fact, when my son was little I had to gently explain to him that indeed we were not albinos.  I have even been laughed off the beach for leaving after two hours by sun worshippers whose gloriously tanned bodies could not comprehend the meaning of the word sunburn!
  8. Harry Potter Book: Hubby and I have loved reading the Harry Potter series and once our kids were old enough, we brought them along for the journey.  We have enjoyed the books, audio tapes, and movies together as a family and especially discussing all the amazing biblical themes!
  9. Chronicles of Narnia DVD:  One of our favorite pass times is movie watching and our all time favorite family films include the Chronicle of Narnia series, Lord of the Rings series and Star Wars series.  We've even enjoyed teaching our senior youth group a series using the entire LOTR movies!
  10. Relient K T-Shirt:  While working with our senior high youth group, years ago, I was introduced to the sound of Relient K, and they have since become one of my favorite bands.  I love their alternative style that cleverly harmonizes their humor, antics and faith.
  11. Lingerie:  I brought along a beautiful négligé from my honeymoon to represent the passion I have for teaching young women about modesty, purity and waiting for marriage.  I have enjoyed the many girl's retreats I've led and especially enjoy presenting them with lingerie at their own bridal showers!
  12. Ace Bandage:  The ace bandage reminds me that I wish I were a hypochondriac...because then it would all be in my head!  Alas, my three-cast summer, vertigo, Candida, fibromyalgia, etc. are not a figment of my imagination.  Fortunately, the crutch I have is a lasting one in Christ!
  13. Bible:  This is the foundation of who I am.  Since graduating from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I have enjoyed ministering in the church in various capacities.  Mostly I have enjoyed discipling and teaching teens and women about God's Word.
That's my life in a diaper box!  What would you put in your box?!

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