Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Doesn't Kill Ya, Makes Ya Stronger!

After dinner this evening I realized, to my horror, that the dishwasher had not been run last night.  Translation -  I had been feeding Baby dirty sippy cups and bottles from yesterday!  Yuck!  Not just one cup with little bit of residue, but every cup...all day...thinking I was pulling from a clean dishwasher all the while.  Ugh!    After inspection, all the tell tale signs of a clean dishwasher were not present: puddles on the tops of inverted cups, shiny silverware and the "clean" indicator light...duh!  Plus, yesterday's dinner clinging to the plates should have been a dead give away!  Feeling like quite the scatterbrained Mommy here that can't even tell whether the stinkin' dishwasher is clean or dirty.

Now I will be keeping a watchful eye on Cupcake to make sure that she does not come down with food poisoning.  I'm feeling pretty confident, though, that she's got a hardy constitution as she has survived such mishaps before.  Yes, this isn't the first time! 

When she was an infant I recall a couple of times that she did not finish one of her bottles and I set it with the dirty dishes on the counter.  Later, I discovered that hubby had retrieved it thinking it was a fresh bottle I had prepared ahead of time.  Thankfully, she survived without a bit of tummy trouble.

The worst happenstance was last Spring or Summer, when I had misplaced a bottle for a solid week.  When we could not find it at home or in the car, I was sure it would start smelling eventually and give away its hiding place.  On Sunday morning we arrived at church and there it was sitting on the counter in the nursery.  Unwashed, the bit of milk had obviously spoiled sitting in the hot church for a week.  Hubby rinsed it out and hid it away from the fresh bottles in the diaper bag.  He pointed out the clean and dirty bottles to the nursery workers to make sure she received the correct know where this is going, right?  Neither one of us remembered to check back in to make sure the next set of nursery helpers were aware of the bottle situation.  Apparently, the good bottles had been so well hidden, that when it came time to feed the baby, the only bottle that was available was the spoiled one.  Since, hubby had rinsed it out, it appeared to be clean, so the formula was made and the baby downed it as usual.  Naturally, I was a bit upset at myself for having forgotten to check in, hubby for putting the dirty bottle back in the diaper bag, and Murphy for those insufferable laws we always seem to follow!

Thankfully, again, Baby had no issues.  Considering she has hardly been sick in her first 20 months (today!), it sure seems like the old adage is true: what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger!

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  1. Oh you are not alone in this one! I am thankful that God created little ones resilient so they could survive the mistakes of parents! :) Have a great day and happy 20 months!