Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About...Toddler Talk!

I have really been enjoying all the wonderful things Cupcake says these days as she approaches the typical toddler language explosion.  Below are a few of my favorites!

Top Ten Things I Love About...What My Toddler Says!

  1. Her enthusiastic greeting of, "Hi!" to anyone, from cats to cashiers.  Fittingly, this was our little socialite's first word!  She seems to brighten everyone's day, except the cat's!
  2. After she purposely throws down a toy from her crib, she coyly quips, "uh oh!", as if she didn't know how that happened at all!
  3. She can differentiate between a ball and balloon, but delivers each word with a piercing squeal of delight, "Baaaal!" or "Beeyoon!"
  4. She gives a sly little smile before saying, "beeooo!", when I pull her shirt down over her head as she gets dressed.  It's a fun little game of peek-a-boo!
  5. I love waking up (and I'm far from a morning person!) to the sound of Baby pleasantly babbling in her crib.  She coos, "baby", as she cuddles, kisses and cares for her baby dolls, while she patiently waits for the rest of us to get up.
  6. Just this morning I caught her singing, "A, B, C!" at breakfast.  It is so precious to hear her sing "la, la, la" or "doo, doo, doo" to music that is playing...or not.  When Mickey's Playhouse ends, she sings the Hot Diggity Dog song in her own way, "HA! dttydtty da!"  Sometimes I think she is singing lullabies along with me when I put her to bed. 
  7. One of my favorite sounds she makes is when she says Tigger.  She puffs her cheeks up and basically rolls her "T" for "tggr."
  8. This week we went for a walk and Daddy asked her if she could see the moon.  Considering it was daylight, I was surprised that she looked up in the sky, pointed to the crescent moon and said with whispered awe, "meeoooo!" 
  9. For quite awhile I couldn't figure out why Cupcake kept saying, "Ow!"  Eventually, I heard the cat meow and Baby quickly replied, "Ow!" Interestingly enough, our cat does sound like that when she meows!  Over the past few weeks, she has added the "m", but I kinda miss the "ow."
  10. When the phone rings, Baby, pipes up, "Hi!  Dah-ee!", but when I ask her to, "Say MaMa!", she responds, with a bit of a smirk, "DaDa!"  FINALLY, just this week, when I ask her, "Who am I?" she now says, "MaMa!"  It is unbelievable, the rush of joy I experience every time I hear her say "MaMa!"


  1. I played along on this rainy day. What fun!

  2. Oh how I miss those days and the little events at that age. Soak it up while you can mom! :)

  3. I still remember those times fun times when my son was still little. Lucky you! :D

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