Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Week Four

DWTS Week Four starts right now.  It looks to be a great evening with a fuller orchestra, classical music and quite a competition with only 5 points separating the top from the bottom!  Looking forward to some Paso Dobles based on their costumes.  David Garrett is amazing to watch on that violin.  The pros sure put on a great show as they introduced the Paso Doble!

Romeo: Fittingly, Romeo is dancing to those diamond commercials theme song!  If I knew my classical music as I should I'd be able to tell you who wrote it.  Hmmmm...I wanna say Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but don't quote me on it.  Romeo did a wonderful job on his Paso Doble...definitely improved from last week and could be movin' on up the leader board.  23 total is an appropriate score.

Kendra:  I'm a little bit skeptical about the prospect of a Mafia style Viennese Waltz...isn't that  a bit of an oxymoron?  Unfortunately, I think that she had a very difficult piece to dance to...didn't quite seem like the right tempo for a waltz.  Tough night for her with a score of 18.  Doubt that will be enough to keep her in the competition another week, but we'll have to see how Sugar Ray does.

Sugar Ray: Dancing to Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker.  Way to go, Anna, taking him to ballet class to better understand the music!  Now that was a sweet and proper Viennese Waltz.  HaHa!  Len just nick named him the Sugar Plum Fairy!  It was very charming, but not enough to pull too far ahead on the leader board.  He definitely deserved his high score of 21.

Petra:  Like how he took her to a modeling shoot to get her Paso Doble game face!  This music and the choir is a bit difficult to accept as a Paso.  I'm just not feeling it, but she is doing a good job with the actual dance.  Bruno is in rare form with his comments tonight!  Len and Carrie Ann are having to turn away.  A 23.

The dance troupe is demonstrating the Waltz.  They look like they're dancing on the clouds.  The mezzo soprano, Katherine Jenkins, has an amazing voice!

Ralph: Dancing to the theme from Romeo and Juliet, a beautiful piece of music. (Although I wouldn't consider it classical, suppose that's why they are referring to the songs as "classical style.)  I think he is doing a wonderful job with the Waltz.  It's beautiful and romantic.  Well done!  Ralph has redeemed himself and should end up back at the top!  Oooh, a 9!  His highest score yet, a 25!

Hines: He got the first 9 of the season last week, so I'm looking forward to his Paso Doble.  Wow!  He might be bringing in a few more 9's with that powerful Paso!  A 25 might be a bit lower than expected.

Chelsea:  Oooh!  Dancing to Harry potter!  (Perhaps this should be called "instrumental" night instead of "classical" night!)  A very different Viennese Waltz.  Not sure how Len will like it?!    I  love that music and I love her dancing, but I'm not sure it looked like a Viennese Waltz.  Yup, didn't think Len would like it.  Bruno called it the best dance of the night and Carrie Ann agreed.  Yay!  Looks like they should get a couple good scores...maybe some 9's? score yet...a 26! 

Chris:  He needs to wrestle through his Paso Doble.  Dancing to the Hall of the Mountain King...great classical piece.  I love how it builds up intensity and they captured that very well in the dance.  A 23, seems a bit low to me.

Kirstie: Hopefully, Maks has recovered from last weeks fall.  Dancing the Viennese Waltz to a beautiful duet.  Very charming waltz, was a bit timid.   Not sure what the problem was with her shoe, but she handled it very well.  She is queen of the mishaps as Carrie Ann declared!  A 22.

I really enjoyed the music and dancing with tonight's classical pieces!  I predict that we will be bidding Kendra adieu tomorrow evening.

RESULTS SHOW UPDATE:  So far, Chelsea and Petra are in jeopardy; Ralph, Hines, Chris, and Romeo are safe.  Looks like Kirstie and Kendra are safe.  Oh, no!  That leaves Sugar Ray in jeopardy.  What?!  I was ready for Kendra to leave, sorry.  Petra's safe.  Now I'm a bit nervous.  Chelsea better not be leaving!  Sorry to see Sugar Ray go.  As my daughter commented, "Sugar Ray is the perfect name for him because he is such a sweet man!"