Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Week Three

DWTS week 3 is just beginning and many of them look like they are dressed for the Rumba.  Sounds like it should be an interesting evening since the stars have to pick a song that is meaningful to them and create a dance.  Apparently, there will be many different styles tonight for story week.

Wendy: Sharing about her stuggle and hard work to become a radio DJ.  I love the royal blue dress, but I'm not sure it's enough to wow the judges.  We'll see....  The judges weren't quite sold on it.  15 is a tough blow and I predict will put her in the red light tomorrow night.

Chelsea:  She is sharing a song that her first love wrote for her.  Fun song titled "Chelse." She is really reminding me of Julianne Hough (I miss her!)  Awesome Cha Cha Cha.  The judges are loving it..."her best dance!"  23!

Chris:  Chose "Let it Be" about his Mom who passed away in 2005.  He is doing a fantastic job on the Rumba.  Very touching...Carrie Anne is in tears about the tribute to his mother.  I think Chris will be an unexpected challenger to Ralph Macchio. A 21...perhaps a bit lower than expected.

Kendra:  She chose to share her love story with her husband.  She seems to be doing a good job, but a bit awkward at times.  Not really feeling it.  I'm surprised that the judges liked it so much, I did not see what they saw in that performance.   A 23 is much too high as far as I'm concerned.  There is no way that she was as good as Chelsea.

Romeo:  Sharing the loss of his cousins at very young ages.  Nicely done to the song, "I'll Be There."  Not sure that the judges will like it as much as Kendra's, but I think I enjoyed it better. A 20, pretty fair, since Chris received a 21 and I think he did do a better Rumba.

Hines: Dancing a Samba of thanks to his mom.  Hmmm...samba is a pretty tough one.  He can sure dance!  Doesn't look at all difficult for him.  Looks like another contender for the men.  Wow!  A nine, how exciting, for a total of 25!

Petra: Dancing about her relief efforts for the children in Thailand.  She looks stunning!  That waltz was just was over too soon...I wanted to keep on watching!  A 9 from Len...impressive...a 25!

Sugar Ray:  Can he comeback from the bottom two last week?  His dance will be about his boxing come back.  Love the start with the boxing emcee!  The boxing robe is perfect for the Passo Doble!  He's doing much better than the last two weeks, but I don't think he'll be able to keep up with the rest of the pack.  The judges were very positive, so perhaps the scores will be a good boost and help him stay in it for a few more weeks.  A 20! 

Kirstie: Dancing to "Over The Rainbow" about the tragedy of losing her mother at the beginning of her acting career.  Despite Maks hurting himself, that was a wonderful Rumba.  Kirstie recovered so well with that unfortunate mishap.  In my opinion, it was the best Rumba of the night so far! A 21!

Ralph:  Awww, he's dancing to his wedding song, which was also the title song from The Outsiders, "Stay Gold."  A beautiful job...greets his wife at the end...what a way to celebrate their anniversary this week! (she is looking a lot like Courtney Cox.)  Hope the judges like it...I agree with Carrie was a very sweet Rumba. A 21...I think that's a bit low...but should keep him in the running!

Everyone really stepped up their game this week.  I really enjoyed watching many of the dances tonight.  Looks like Ralph looses his two week lead to Hines and Petra.  Wendy and Sugar Ray find themselves at the bottom of the pack and I predict it will be one of them going home tomorrow night.  Check back tomorrow night for the Results Show Update!


Ooohhh!  So nice that they saved Hines before they danced the exhibition dance.  Sugar Ray's comback continues as he and Romeo are both saved to dance another day.  Glad to see that Maks is doing well after that fall last night! Petra's safe but Wendy is in jeapordy...neither a surprise. Fun candid camera work with the stars.  Selena Gomez is up...I enjoy her singing voice and our family loves watching Wizards of Waverly Place together.  Yay!  Chelsea is safe!  Kendra is not.  Never heard of the band OneRepublic, but I like their sound...kinda alternative rock.  Yay!  Ralph and Kirstie are both safe!  Ooohh, Chris is not safe yet.  I certainly hope he doesn't go home this soon!  Kendra is safe, which leaves only Wendy and Chris in the bottom two.  Whew!  Chris is coming back...I was getting a bit worried there for a moment.  So long Wendy!

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