Monday, April 25, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Week Six

Guilty pleasures night.  Wonder what that will entail?!  A different start with the Hanson's kicking off the evening.  Looks like they're all grown up.  (I enjoyed the 80's and 90's music they played coming back from commercials during the show.  Fun to have a Hanson house band!)

Kirstie:  She's the first up with a Samba.  Wow!  I cannot believe that woman is 60 years old...she certainly doesn't show her age!  She is doing great with the Samba, which always seems to be a difficult one for the stars to pick up.  She really did make it look easy as Bruno just proclaimed.  She may just get the 9's she was hoping for.  Ooh! Two 9's and a 8, for a 26!

Chris:  Dancing the Tango to Journey's Don't Stop Believing.  I've been enjoying watching him this season.  It was nicely done, but not his best.  As the judges pointed out, it did lack a bit of intensity. A 22 from the judges.

Romeo:  A beautifully done waltz to My Heart Will Go On, from Titanic!  I really didn't expect him to do so well in this competition, but he is exceeding my expectations by leaps and bounds.  He gets better each week.  Well done, Chelsie!  Wow!  The first 10 of the season! A 28!

Chelsea: A fun quick step to Walking On Sunshine!  She is really a wonderful dancer and it is a lot of fun to watch her dance.  A "sunsational" performance that may just bring her a 10 too!  Awesome!  A 10 for Chelsea, giving her a 28 to tie with Romeo for first place!

Kendra:  Quite a wild Samba, Living the Viva Loca!  She certainly wiggled and jiggled everything God gave her (and didn't, as she confessed!)  It was a little bit too much of a striptease for me, but the judges seemed to like it.  A 25 seems fair.

Hines: I love how he writes out the dance like football plays!  His pillow talk practice at home paid off with a breathtaking Viennese waltz!  Surprisingly, he didn't earn a 10 this time around.  The judges gave him a 27.

Ralph:  I really hope he does well tonight....I think he got gipped last week.  I think he did well, but something happened with Karina...she fell and they had to recover from that.  It was a great Paso, so I hope he can still get a good score.  Well, three 8's for a 24 isn't too bad of a score, but I was hoping he would get a bit higher this week.

Come back tomorrow night to check the result show update to see who is leaving.  I've been ready for Kendra to go for a few weeks, but considering her great Samba, she may just stick around a little longer.  I'm afraid that Chris could end up leaving and that would be a shame.  We'll find out tomorrow night.  I'm so excited that Chelsea is at the top of the leader board again this week!  Well deserved 10's for her and Romeo...the competition is heating up!


Oooh! The New Kids On The Block and The Back Street Boys.  Kinda fun to relive the boy band era.

Oh no!  They're starting off with the two highest scoring stars from last night Chelsea and Romeo - which may mean one of them is in jeopardy - I'm nervous.  Whew!  They are both safe!  I didn't realize that after five seasons Chelsie got her first 10 last night!  Glad she finally earned it...she deserved one long before this.

What a sweet Macy's Stars of Dance to Stand By Me.  A love story through the years...very touching.

Hines and Kirstie are up now.  Hines is safe of course, he has earned the most accumulative points this season.  He does make the dancing look pretty effortless!  Yay, Kirstie is safe too!

That only leaves Ralph, Chris and Kendra.  I certainly hope Ralph sticks around - I believe he's the best of the three.  Of course Kendra really shook it up last night, which might give her the edge over Chris and maybe even Ralph.  Kendra is safe! I'm really hoping Ralph stays, but I don't want to see Chris go either.  Ugggghhhhh!  Too bad, Chris is going.  So sad to see him leave, he was great to watch.  Surprising that a wrestler could dance with such finesse and elegance!

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