Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Things I Love About...Spring!

1. Sunny with a high of 75!  (Anything higher I consider that summer!)
2. Cool breezes through open windows.
3. Flowers blooming.  Especially those that I've planted from Easter's past!
4. The smell of freshly mown grass.
5. Celebrating Easter!
6. Spring break with family.
7. Walks outside with Baby wearing her sunglasses (she's finally learned to keep them on...most of the time!)
8. End of the year brunches with Ladies' Bible study and MOPs.
9. Our annual Mother-Daughter banquet at church.
10. Mother's Day!


  1. Great list! Flowers, open windows, and warm temps are favorites of mine, too!

  2. Same here, mother's day is one of the things that I love about Spring. Celebrating mothers day is really something that I look forward too every year.

    nyc moms