Friday, April 8, 2011

Allergy Free Fun Fridays!

Welcome to Wheat Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Allergy Free, FUN FREE Fridays!  Many of us have found ourselves in a predicament, trying to figure out what's for dinner that fits into a fairly restrictive diet, doesn't involve ingredients that you can't find at the grocery store and is, well, edible!  It is quite expensive, not to mention disappointing, to buy some of the allergy free substitutes only to find out that it tastes like cardboard!

My hope with this weekly linky is that we can share some easy, tasty recipes that our families enjoy or recommend products that have worked or warn about those that have failed the test.  My request would be that we submit recipes that are easy to make, involve easy to find ingredients, and is something you would serve to company (or my discriminating teens who scoff at anything they think is not made from "real" food!)

Please indicate next to your recipe or product the categories it fits: GF = gluten free, DF = dairy free, WF = wheat free, SF = sugar free, NF = nut free, etc. (feel free to add others where applicable.)  If you add options that enable others to make your recipe fit their needs, then add {} around that category, as I did in the one below.  My original version is not nut or gluten free, but with an easy substitution it can be! 

Below is one of my favorite allergy free desserts to make, with additional options to fit various needs.  I hope your family will enjoy it as much as we have and, yes, our company too!


8c. Brown Rice crispy cereal (whole box of  Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice cereal)
1c. Peanut Butter (OR other nut butter or sunflower butter)
1 pkg. Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips, 12 oz (OR GF chocolate chips)
1/2 c. - 3/4 c. agave (OR honey)
olive oil spray

Stir together nut butter and agave.  Melt chocolate chips in separate bowl.  Add melted chocolate and rice cereal to nut butter mixture.  Mix thoroughly.  Press into sprayed pan. 

NOTES:  Add sweetener to taste, that's why the wide range of measurements in the recipe!  If you prefer to use  1/2 c. xylitol or Splenda, then dissolve that into the melted chocolate and use less cereal and less agave.  I attempted to make this without the agave and it really was too dry, but feel free to experiment and let me know what you do!

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  2. Your recipe sounds so yummy!

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