Monday, April 18, 2011

Dancing With the Stars: Week Five

It's American Night on Dancing With The Stars!  I'm looking forward to the patriotic evening with fun songs, clever choreography and dazzling dances!

Ralph:  Dancing the Samba to "Sweet Home Alabama."  Should be fun!  Oooh!  That was a great start to American night, with their "Uncle Samba" as Tom quipped.  Thank you Carrie Ann for appreciating that it is Americana Week!  Len and Bruno didn't seem too thrilled...I think they are was a great performance!  22 points is way too low for that dance.  Ralph's got my vote!

Chris:  Dancing the Viennese Waltz to "America the Beautiful"  I do believe that the judges will all like that beautiful performance.  He finally got his "8" from Len, which, along with two "9's" gives him a 26 to take the lead!

Petra:  Dancing the Quick Step to Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas."  She took a moment to thank America for the opportunity she has had here...very sweet!  Love the dress!  She did well, but not up to par with Chris or Ralph.  A 22 ties her with Ralph.

Romeo:  Dancing the Fox Trot to Sinatra's "New York, New York."  Charming dance, although, not quite as good as his Paso last week which earned him a 23.  Quite the elegant ballroom dance from the hip-hop dude! Wow!  Apparently, the judges disagreed with me and gave him a 26!  He is tie for the top with Chris.  This is getting to be such a tight competition!

Hines: Dancing a romantic Rumba to "Proud to be an American."  Nicely done Rumba, but our family was a bit distracted by Kym's dress when she twirled.  Lots of fringes! Len just proclaimed it Hines' best dance, so he should be getting some great scores. Wow!  Three nines for a 27!  The highest score of the season so far.

Kirstie: HaHa!  She brought in John Travolta as a "dance doctor"...too funny!  Dancing the Fox Trot to "American Woman."  Considering the long entry, I think Len might not give them such high marks.  Quite the rock chick dance, not sure if it will score well as a Fox Trot.  They did pretty well, with a 23.

Kendra:  She has the honor of performing the 1,000th competative dance.  Dancing the Fox Trot, in very patriotic costumes,  to "Yankee Doodle." I think it was her best dance yet.  She seemed much more comfortable out there tonight!  Carrie Ann declared it the most patriotic dance of the night. A 22 keeps her at the bottom of the leader board with Ralph and Petra.  All the scores are pretty close together tonight!

Chelsea:  Dancing the Samba to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A."  I think she proved she deserved to be on top of the leader board last week.  Could she get a 10 for this?!  All the judges loved it!  A 26...much lower than I think she deserved. I do believe her dance should have tied or surpassed Hines'.

The leader board got a real shake up tonight.  Hines on the top and a 3-way tie at the bottom with Petra Kendra and Ralph.  I think Ralph got gipped in his scores, he definitely danced better than Kendra and Petra, so it is unfortunate that he has dropped to the bottom with them this week.  Amazingly, only 5 points separate the top from the bottom, so it is a toss up who might go home tomorrow night.  Based on the past dances, and the fact that they ended up at the bottom tonight, I'm guessing Kendra and Petra will be in the bottom two tomorrow.

I'm a bit nervous about who might go home tonight since the competition is so tight.  Let's get this over with quickly!  Hines and Kym are safe, but Kirstie and Maks are in jeopardy.  Romeo and Chelsie just performed their "New York, New York" Fox Trot again and I must say, I enjoyed it even more the second time around!

Yay!  Chelsea and Mark are safe!  Ooh, Romeo is safe and oh, no, Chris is in jeopardy.  Mike is back!  I knew we'd see him again.  Pretty funny segment on Dancing With the Stars Exposed!  Glad to see the producers listened to me and brought him back for some comedic relief. 

Yay!  Ralph is safe!  Oh, my, Kendra is safe and Petra is in jeopardy.  I think Petra might be goin'.  I'd be surprised if Chris or Kirstie leave before Petra or Kendra.  Kirstie is safe!  Looks like Chris is staying and Petra is saying good bye.  She has been delightful to watch.

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