Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Dancin'?

Week two of Dancing With The Stars starts . . . now!  I'm expecting Chelsea, Ralph, Petra and Kirstie to do well . . . looking forward to their dances.

Sugar Ray:  Can he do better than last week?  He's got the Jive which should be good for his fast boxing feet.  He had some good moves, but just couldn't keep up with Anna.  The judges were tough but accurate . . . entertaining but not sharp. 17 sounds about right for Sugar Ray.  Hopefully, he'll get to stick around a little longer.

Kendra:  Hmm, will she stay or will she go?  Not likin' that music for the Quick Step, doesn't seem to jive with the nice dress.  She's dancing well, better than last week, but kinda reminds me of a stiff Barbie doll.  19 might be a bit generous in my point of view.

Chelsea:  Creepy make-up on Mark.  Uh-oh, they called it a risky Jive, that never bodes well.  Weird song for a Jive. Not my favorite song or costumes, but there is no denying that she can dance!  Oh, no . . .the judges wanted more Jive . . .I think she might cry.  Hopefully, they won't be too hard on her with the score, since she has so much potential.  Ouch!  Low score with an 18, they deserved way more than that.  Despite the make-up, they've got my vote!

Chris: Oooh!  Luv the music for the Quick Step.  Fun dance, he's doing very well.  Now that is a classic Quick Step and he's doing much better this week.  I think he has become a contender!  It really was quite a transformation from the first dance.  A 23!

Petra:  She's got the Jive, which is supposed to be difficult for really tall people.  She does seem a little awkward out there for this one.  Just doesn't have the spark she had last week, but good effort.  18 is a fair score.

Kirstie:  Her Cha Cha Cha last week was great!  This week is the Quick Step, will she be able to keep up?  She is keeping up and movin' those feet.  She is fun to watch! I don't know if her footwork is up to snuff, but it looks good to my untrained eye!  "Winning!"  20 is a bit low, I think she deserved higher marks.

Mike:  Should he stay or should he go?  This dance could decide it.  The Boys are Back In Town, is a good song.  He's doing much better than last week, but it's not great.  17 is appropriate, but not sure it's enough to keep him around.

Romeo:  Romeo needs to learn how to be a gentleman.  Let's see how he's doing.  Dancing to "You're The One That I Want" from Grease!  A lot to live up to in that song!  I think he's doing very well, fun quick step, Chelsea is a good teacher.  Wow!  Len thought that was the best dance of the night, which is a bit surprising to me.  A 23, job well done!

Wendy:  She needs to come out of her shell with this dance or she will be the first one going home.  Fun Quick Step and she's bringing a little more personality to it, but not sure it's quick enough.  Much better than last week, a definite improvement.  17 is probably fair, considering she lost some steam part way through.

Ralph:  Hope he can keep his lead!  Awesome energy right off the bat! Wow! He never seems really sure in rehearsal and then he comes out and wow's ya!  He really keeps up with Karina.  Len's calling it frenzied Jive, but I don't think so, (Len's just having a cranky day!)  He should be around for a long time!  21 is ok, but I think he deserved a higher score than that.  He is still at the top of the leader board after two weeks!

Hines:  Enjoying the dance and the song, Part-Time Lover.  He is doing very well, a nice classic Quick Step.  Twinkle Toes is his new nickname!  I'm guessing three 8's.  Close . . . Len is still cranky and stuck a seven in there for a 23.

After all the dancing is done Ralph maintains his lead and I believe will be back to dance another day.  I'm not so sure that Mike will be back in town after tomorrow's elimination.  He would probably be my first choice to go, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Kendra or Sugar Ray leaving town tomorrow night.  It all depends on who's got the biggest fan base, so I think Sugar Ray has the best chance of hanging in there for a few more weeks!


Who will stay and who will go?  Hines is saved first and Chris too!  They definitely earned it.  Uh oh, Sugar Ray is in jeapordy. . .no surprise there.

So that is Chris Brown, eh?  Reminds me of Michael Jackson with some of his moves.  But I'm thankful for my DVR. . .fast forwarding. (Although the electric light song was pretty cool to watch.)

Yay!  Ralph is coming back and so is Kirstie.  Cheers in our living room from our family when Chelsea was saved!

So what is the deal with this new dance troupe?  As long as they keep Tristan talking with his Irish brogue. . .who cares?!  As we're watching, my daugher asked, "Which one is the Irish guy?"  Hubby's response, as he tries to ignore that fact that we're watching DWTS, "The guy dancing with the Irish accent."  LOL!

If it comes down to a choice between Mike and Sugar Ray, I'm guessing that Sugar Ray has more of a fan base.  We'll see after this commercial break. . .

Looks like Wendy is joining Sugar Ray and Mike under the elimination spotlight.  It's a toss up.  Wendy is safe!  I think she improved so much between week one and week two.  The first star leaving DWTS this season is, drum roll please . . . Mike.  Sugar Ray was obviously saved by his fans and, if he improves a tad, could outlast Wendy and Kendra, but we'll see. . . .

I'm not surpised that Mike is the first one going home, but perhaps this boy will be back in town again. Based on his humor, they should consider bringing Mike back for some of those finals weeks antics . . . he'd be perfect!

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