Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Little Bite 'N Sucker

Lately Clara has begun a new nursing habit: the bite 'n suck. Or should I rename that the bite 'n scream! Yes, I admit it, I scream. After I realize what has caused the searing pain, my first instinct is to yell "no, no, no, no, stop, stop, stop, oouuuch!" You get the ain't pretty.

Now before I get inundated with posts about my poor parenting skills and the verbal abuse spewing from my mouth, let me just add that Clara thinks this is all hilarious. Instead of responding in shock or tears, she just smiles, with the nipple still in her cute little mouth, thinking how funny Mommy is and then she proceeds to chomp down a few more times before settling into a more soothing sucking routine.

Fortunately, she has not taken to doing the bite'n suck at every single feeding, but it does happen several times a day. Another fortunate matter is that she has not gotten any teeth yet, otherwise I believe all bets would be off and the weaning would begin.

In an effort to not traumatize my poor little bite 'n sucker, I am trying to calmly remove her from the breast for a minute and then try again. Despite that fact that I keep telling her not to bite the boob that feeds her, she seems to think this is all a fun game.

In actuality, it's payback. When I was a babe my parents always called me their little "flying bite 'n sucker." Now that I fully understand what that means all I have to say is...sorry Mom!

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