Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life Between Nursing

Since baby was born life has taken place between feedings. Now that baby is six months old, things have calmed down a bit and I might actually see the blogging light at the end of the tunnel. Hubby even bought me my very own laptop, just so I could get back to the blogging world in a more timely fashion. Ok, ok, I know 6 months into it ain't all that timely, but considering I feel quite fortunate to have showered and eaten breakfast before noon I think I'm well on my way!

These days we have added solid food to our feeding schedule, so instead of things getting easier, as one would hope for, it seems to have gotten more complicated. Fortunately, it is more along the lines of what we're already used to...attempting to carve out time (and perhaps a clean corner of the table) to sit down and feed the baby in her cute little chair.

Of course it is still a race against the clock. After nursing, giving a bottle and now perhaps a bit of cereal, I usually ask my self that all important question: What can I accomplish before it is time to feed her again? There usually only seems to be time for one major event: a shower, a meal, a load of laundry, a couple time sensitive emails, a phone call, the dishes. If she decides to grant me a few more minutes, then I might just get time to pull up the blog and sign in (there's a post I've attempted to work on several times and never can get too far). In fact, my daughter just walked by to inform me that the baby has awakened. At least her timing has improved...I actually completed enough paragraphs to call it a post. Welcome back to blogging baby!!

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