Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Flag

As the school year draws to a close and summertime breezes start blowing, many a flag will be seen unfurling in the wind, proudly displaying it's stars and stripes.  The following poem captures the patriotic emotions that the American flag evokes in each of us:

The Flag

by Darla Mooney

Alone in the closet
Way out of reach
Lay a crumpled old flag.
Sand from the beach,

Stains from the grand parades
display the use
of the small, hand held flag:
Red, white, and blue.

But it is winter now
Summer days gone
With picnics and parties;
Patriot's fun.

No child still gripped it;
Waved like a wand
Celebrations are done.
Where is the fond

Old friend that means so much?
For now, fully 
Replaced with Christmas lights,
Until July

Then we all remember 
Freedom and rights,
Our beloved home of the brave,
The soldiers fight.

The spirit we forgot
Of what the soldiers fought

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