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Benefit for Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

"Ronald McDonald" and "fashion" are not exactly two complimentary thoughts in the same sentence.  I mean, with his flaming red hair, clown makeup and banana yellow suit, one would expect his fashion inspired designs to be more appropriate for the circus, not the runway.  But hold the fries and check out Ronald in his finest!
Ronald, sporting a yellow tux, escorts
McDonald's Owner, Marlene Weinberg
Take a look at the latest fashion line from up-and-coming Philadelphia-based designers inspired by non-other than McDonald's Premium McWrap!  Yes, you read that right...inspired by food, who knew?!

Fashion Show

McWrap designers, including Project Runway
participant, Kristin Haskin Simms (holding child)
Lobo Mau McWrap Dress
Lobo Mau McWrap Dress
This was one of my favorites!  By designer, Nicole Haddad, this specific dress was inspired by the checkered hamburger wrappers from years ago.  It is a simple, classic wrap with a modern twist.  Similar to the unique packaging of the McWrap, this dress has a zipper along the entire waist.  Unzip it and reveal a wrap shirt with a pencil skirt!  Extremely cute for a young, hip, summer look.

Another favorite of mine was this asymmetrical wrap jumper by Patricia Stewart, designer and creator of Chino Designs.  This trendy and easy fitting jumper is made out of jersey fabric and complements women with fuller forms.  Quite chic and stylish!  
It's A Wrap Dress
It's A Wrap


Each of these dresses and more can be purchased via an online auction at Bidding For Good.  100 % of the proceeds will benefit the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House!  Bidding for each one of a kind dress starts at $75!  If you are in the market for some new and unique styles to add to your wardrobe this summer, then start bidding.  The auction will close at 11:59 p.m. on May 24, 2013.

All these McWrap inspired fashions were showcased at an event hosted by Bloomingdale's in the King of Prussia Mall.  Leslie Van Arsdall, anchor at CBS 3 and the CW Philly, emceed the evening.  In addition to the auction items, attendees were treated to a fashion show featuring some of the season's hottest spring and summer fashions.

Since this mama blogger is about the farthest thing from a fashionista as one can get, I will give you the quick tips for fashion that I gleaned:
  • Jean jackets are back.  Remember those cute little jackets we wore in the 80's?  Yup, those!  Check your cedar closet, because everything comes back in style.  Or, better yet, hit Bloomingdale's for the newest look!
  • Add a shock of color to the outfit.  Think trendy purse, scarf, or jewelry!
  • Apparently flats are back too, so treat your feet to some stylish sandals!

Premium McWrap

While watching these pretty young models parade back and forth in cute outfits, the rest of us indulged in the finer fare that was being served.  Gourmet appetizers, cocktails and Premium McWraps - it was truly an impressive spread!  The wraps were quite tasty and I look forward to using the coupons I received to introduce this new, healthier choice, to my family.
Premium McWrap
My Chicken & Bacon McWrap!
The Premium McWrap is part of McDonald's ongoing effort to bring fresh meal options that are tasty and convenient for customers.  The wraps come in three delicious varieties either grilled or crispy: Sweet Chili Chicken, Chicken & Bacon, and Chicken & Ranch. 

I tried the Chicken & Bacon McWrap: grilled chicken, spring greens, shredded lettuce, creamy garlic sauce, cheddar jack cheese and tomatoes totaling 440 Calories.  The wrap comes in a full container that can be unzipped, providing an easy way to eat it!  Considering how messy wraps usually are to eat, this mom will be glad to have a healthier, easy to eat, fast food option while transporting the kids to and fro!

Ronald McDonald House

Despite my two summer stints as a Crew Chief and Drive-Thru Attendant with McD's during my college years, I was woefully unaware of the Ronald McDonald House.  This is an amazing charity that offers help and hope to children and families during extremely difficult times.

One such family shared their story of how they have benefited from the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.  I had the opportunity to chat with Angela and her daughter after the fashion show.
Angela Valente
Mom & Daughter enjoying a night out...makeovers included!
Due to her son's life threatening "Bubble Boy" condition, Angela's family moved from Georgia to Philadelphia, so they could be closer to C.H.O.P. (Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia) for his treatment.  The family was able to live at the Ronald McDonald House while he was living at the hospital.  His sister donated bone marrow twice to save her little brother!  What a beautiful hero she is!
I cannot imagine what this family has gone through and the battles they continue to fight on a daily basis.  Angela's son is only 2 1/2 years old, but sounds like a real trooper!

No doubt there are many similar stories of courage that can be found at Ronald McDonald House.  It was truly a privilege for me to participate in this great evening benefiting this vital charity!  If you would like to show your support, please consider bidding on the McWrap dresses this week!
Ronald McDonald
Me & Ronald McDonald!

Disclaimer:  As a McCafe Mom I attended the event and received several gifts without compensation, but with the expectation of promoting the event and posting about it.  All the opinions are my own.

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