Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DWTS Week Five: Guilty Pleasures


This week the all stars performed their "guilty pleasures" songs as well as participated in the team freestyle dances.  It was two nights of fantastic performances!  I am so relieved that there was no elimination this week, as it provided a chance to just relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Monday Night

Kelly and Val started off the first night with a sultry Samba.  Gotta agree with Len, though, that it was a bit too raunchy.  Gille and Peta danced a romantic Rumba to Whitney Houston's, "I Will Always Love You."  It was so thrilling that Carrie Ann actually fell right off her chair.  (Gotta love live TV!)  Kirstie and Maks danced a fun quick step to "Mrs. Robinson," which was her best routine yet.  Emmitt and Cheryl performed a great Samba to the Copacabana.  A favorite childhood song of mine, I think I know all the words and I thoroughly enjoyed singing along during his festive dance!

I absolutely LOVED the "Call Me Maybe" team freestyle!   It was just amazing to watch with the choreography and stunts.  They were so in sync!  I could not believe that Melissa was able to do that with her neck injury!  So glad she was not seriously hurt.  This was an A+ performance from Shawn, Sabrina, Melissa, Apolo and all their partners!  It will be a tough act to follow for the other team.

Tuesday Night

The guilty pleasure dances continued on the second night with Melissa and Tony kicking off the evening with a terrific Tango.  Shawn and Derek's Rumba to the theme song from Titanic, was absolutely breathtaking.  It was so surprising to hear the mixed review from the judges giving them an 8, 9 and 10.  Apolo and Karina's Samba was fun, but probably not my favorite of his dances.  Sabrina and Louis performed one of my all time favorite songs from my all time favorite Disney princess movie!  She did a fantastic job bringing Cinderella to life in a wonderful waltz to "So This Is Love."

I have no idea what "Gangnam Style" is, but I know for sure now that I don't like it.  I've got to disagree with Carrie Ann on this one, it was a far cry from a "hot mess."  It was just a plain old mess that didn't look like it should be part of ballroom at all.  It certainly paled in comparison to team "Call Me Maybe."  Hope they don't bring that dance back.

Happy to see Sabrina at the top of the leader board after this two night competition event and looking forward to seeing what will happen next week!

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