Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dancing "IN" The Stars!

Last night the kiddos and I sat down for a bit to watch the season premier Dancing With The Stars: All Stars!  It was with eager anticipation that we watched the first dance with one of our favorites, Joey Fatone.  We were not disappointed.  Even Cupcake declared with wide-eyed enthusiasm, "dancin' IN da staws!"

From the first dance of the night to the final routine, (by none other than Emmitt Twinkle Toes Smith himself) we were wowed at every step of the way.  I for one, found it much more enjoyable to watch the traditional opening night Cha Chas, with stars who could already dance!  Typically, I would cringe at the awkward attempts of the poor stars from previous years to pull off a Cha Cha the first time out.  Last night, however, they came out, hips swinging!

My teens and I enjoy watching together, munching on popcorn critiquing the costumes, dance moves and judges comments like we were ballroom experts. There are many teachable moments, but mostly I do enjoy the chance to hang out with them...despite the fact that I keep shushing them so I can actually hear the commentary (thankfully, we got DVR!)

I am certainly looking forward to this season as we see some of our old family favorites returning: Shawn Johnson, Bristol Palin, Apolo Anton Ohno, Melissa Rycroft...just to name a few.  It was great to see them back with more confidence in there dancin' feet.  It's gonna be an amazing season to watch!

Hope you can join us for a little fun with DWTS over the next few weeks.  Check in on Tuesdays for my recap and result show update.

Let the dancing begin!

Result Show Update

No love lost here to see Pamela Anderson be the first one booted off this all-star season.  I had hoped she would be the first to go, not only because I can only handle so much of her personality, but more so because she is not nearly at the same level as the rest of the dancin' stars.

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