Monday, July 9, 2012

My "Did It!" List

The day is nearly done and as I look around at the mess of the house engulfing me, I wonder, "What in the world did I do all day?!"  In an effort to achieve some sense of accomplishment, I'd like to take a moment to list the things I did do.

Instead of the typical "To Do" list, (which leaves little satisfaction for me at the end of the day when nothing has been crossed off) here is my "Did It!" list.

I feel better already....


  • Decided to start a new morning routine for Cupcake after realizing that the very first thing she wants each morning is to "watch a show!"  Instead, I poured us some morning Joe (coffee for me, juice for her) and we snuggled together to read her toddler Bible.  She was thrilled!  Afterward, I began reading the book of Esther out loud and she was excited to hear about a Queen in the Bible!
  • Caught up on email and messages.
  • Made a yummy egg breakfast for all the kiddos.
  • Planned a few meals and created shopping list
  • Went to the gym and broke a sweat.
  • Did a full trip to the grocery store.
  • Unpacked groceries and ended up needing to clean out bottom drawer of freezer in the process!
  • Threw together some sort of late lunch for myself.
  • Rescued Cupcake from her loose dress strap while she napped.
  • Took a swim and did laps in the pool (even after working out at the gym!)
  • Had a much needed and relaxing shower.
  • Checked on Cupcake multiple times while she slept all afternoon...still breathing!
  • Sorted laundry from our trip to the shore and started a load.
  • Taught Darlin' how to make chicken fajitas and managed to keep myself from jumping in to take over since I can do it ten times faster!
  • Enjoyed Darlin's dinner with the family, despite the learning curve delay.
  • Hurriedly gave instructions to Hubby as I rushed out the door.
  • Dropped Darlin' and Bud off at our church Senior High Youth Group.
  • Raced to the church for a Board of Christian Education Meeting.  Put in my proverbial two cents.
  • Drove home.
  • Finished last bits of dinner clean up.
  • Unloaded washer only to discover sand at the bottom, because I had neglected to rinse out Cupcake's beach cover up before throwing it in the wash!
  • Rinsed it out thoroughly and started wash again.
  • Checked phone and email messages.
  • Had a glass of wine.
  • Proudly listened to Bud's piano composition he worked on most of the day.
  • Did not yell when Bud requested laundry for tomorrow...just a few minutes ago.
  • Another load of laundry.
  • Wrote this post!
I DID IT!  Or as Cupcake says, "I dill it!"

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  1. Bravo! :) You "dilled" a lot of stuff. I really like the idea of jotting down the accomplishments because you do really feel a lot better.