Monday, May 16, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Semi Finals!

It's hard to believe that Season 12 of Dancing With The Stars is almost over!  It has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement.  Looking back at my initial impression during the season premiere, I was not too off base with my prediction of the final four.  "I will be shocked if we don't see Kirstie, Ralph, Chelsea and Petra in the final four!"  Apparently, Hines did not make as much of an impression on me that first night, but since then he has held a high rank on the leader board and I would be shocked if it doesn't come down to him and Chelsea for the last two dancin'!

Tonight they perform two separate dances and then a winner takes all ChaCha.  Looks to be an exciting evening!

Ralph: Kicking the night off with the Argentine Tango.  Why do they always seem to incorporate chairs?  In addition to the traditional chairs, they added the lamp post which was a nice touch.  I love the Argentine Tango with all the flares and kicks.  He did an great job!  I think the judges watched a different dance, I thought he brought the smoldering emotion of the Tango to the dance floor.  25...he was robbed. Second dance is the Salsa.  Ehh.  Not my favorite, sorry Ralph.  Oohh, it's not lookin' good for him with a total of 23. 

Kirstie:  She looks beautiful for the Viennese Waltz.  That was a wonderful and graceful performance.  The judges were quite pleased, so I think she'll be scoring fairly well.  Triple 9's for a 27!  Second dance is the Paso Doble.  Great Rockin' Paso!  Another set of 9's for her second 27 of the night!

Chelsea: Can she keep her lead this week?  Now THAT was a smoldering Argentine Tango!  Hopefully, the judges will agree.  Apparently not. Carrie Ann & Len were a little harsh on the leg action.  Bruno, however, loved it as much as the audience did!  Even with the criticism, she still pulls out a 10 for a total of 28!  Second dance is the Rumba.  That was quite a romantic Rumba.  She dances like a pro!  Whoo!  A 30!

Hines:  Kim had a very scary fall this week.  It was shocking to see her fall and injure her neck like that, she is fortunate to be walking, let alone dancing.  Praise God that she is not seriously injured!  Wow!  That was AMAZING to watch - a quintessential Argentine Tango.    Hines looked like a pro out there.  Better be triple 10's comin'.  And there it is...a 30!  Second dance is the Salsa.  What a fun lively Salsa!  Looks like another great score awaits...another 30!

Winner Takes All Cha Cha:  This is new this season.  Each couple will face off against another couple in the Cha Cha challenge.  The winners of each match will then face off against each other and the winner takes 15 points.  The first dance off are the first and last couples on the leader board - Hines vs Ralph. Hines won that round and will go up against the winner of the second dance off.  Chelsea beat Kirstie in the second round, so now she & Hines have just during the commercial break to ready their instant Cha Chas.  They both did a great job, but in the end Chelsea pulled ahead to earn those coveted 15 points!

Tomorrow night we will be saying good bye to another couple as we enter into the finals.  Unfortunately, I must predict that Ralph will be leaving next week.  He is down at the bottom of the leader board for the second week in a row.  Kirstie performed very well, so I imagine that her scores combined with viewer votes, will most likely secure her a spot in the finals.  Chelsea and Hines definitely deserve to be in the finals and I think that it will come down to the two of them battling it out for the trophy next week.


I really enjoyed the segment with the young dancer named Tayla.  It's amazing to see how she has overcome her disease to dance.  May God bless her with years of dancing!

Now on to the results - Hines and Chelsea are both safe!  That's expected.  Now will Kirstie or Ralph be sticking around?  Looks like Kirstie has made it to the finals.  I'm really sorry to see Ralph go, I think he deserved higher scores for last night's dances.  Although, Kirstie has greatly improved, I do think Ralph is the better dancer and I will miss him dancing next week.  It should, however, be a very fun finals with the crew that is left!

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