Friday, August 7, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be...Surprised?!

To be or not to be surprised? Every expectant couple has to decide these days if they want to know ahead of time about the baby's gender. Do you or don't you want to know? Inquiring minds always ask.

For our first I did not want to know ahead of time. I wanted it to be a complete surprise. With the plethora of boys on both sides of mine and my husband's families, I was convinced that in the future I'd be on boy number five trying and hoping for a girl.

Just the other week I turned to my daughter and told her that she was the best surprise of my life! I could not have been more thrilled to have a girl the first time round, especially since I figured it was inevitable that all the rest would be boys.

For our second child I wanted to know ahead of time. I had my surprise with my daughter and this time I wanted to be prepared. Did I need to pull the pink stuff out of storage or restock with blue? I had at least three different ultrasounds, with three different techs, who all confirmed that indeed we were going to have a . . . boy! It couldn't get much better than that. One of each and the first grandson on my side of the family.

Now, 11 years later we could have gone either way. We had done the surprise route and the prepared ahead of time route. However, this time we had two other people to consider: our daughter and son. They certainly were not going to be content waiting for a big surprise when each desired to have a sibling like themselves. In fact, with my slightly drama queen teen, I was convinced that tears would definitely be involved and I wanted them over and done with before bringing baby home!

So at our 28 week routine Level 2 ultrasound (remember I'm considered "elderly" on the maternity ward) we told them to let us know if they could determine the gender. Naturally, this child did not want to cooperate. If there is one thing to tell you about a Level 2 ultrasound it is that they are LONG! After an hour or so they had not been able to see anything since the baby was completely curled up. Before finishing up, the baby stretched out so the technician did one last check and we got a glimpse of that all important region.

The tech declared that she saw three lines. My immediate thought was that three of anything surely meant that it was a boy. Apparently, not the case - rather it indicates a girl!

We told our children that we were 90% sure that it would be a girl (we figure they can still be wrong!) My son declared that he would prefer to have a puppy rather than another sister (I did confirm for him that we were 100% sure it was not a puppy!) Our daughter has been elated ever since the big news. I must admit, so have I. I mean, c'mon, girl clothes are soooo much cuter!

The kids have been so eager to know for certain that I eventually had to tell them that we can't be certain til the baby is in our arms. Our son continues to pray for a boy and our daughter asks daily what percentage chance it is that it will be a girl (can you tell she's got a mathematical mind?)

Over the last few weeks, with all the craziness this pregnancy has brought, I've almost convinced myself that it can't possibly be a girl. It would be completely consistent for this baby to throw one last curve ball and surprise us in the end!

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