Saturday, August 8, 2009

D-Day Discount

Whether a first time mom or an old pro, it seems that most expectant mothers these days do a baby registry. I too partook of this opportunity and registered at the local Babies R Us.

At first I just put a half dozen or so items on the list. Just some bigger things that we would need that had long since left our home or dry rotted after years in the garage.

Then I became enlightened! I found out that at Babies R Us you can purchase anything left on your registry around your due date at 10% off . . . score!

So back to the store with hubby this time. However, being the simplistic man that he is, and not too fond of shopping anyway, we only added a few more thing to the list.

The next time I returned to the store I brought with me someone who was a bit more interested in shopping, babies and the prospect of scanning bar codes . . . my teenage daughter. We had a blast going through the store and picking out all sorts of stuff that I knew we would need (crib sheets, bottles, wipes, formula, diapers, stroller/car seat system, pack and play, mattress, etc.)

From small to large and cheap to expensive every conceivable item I could recall needing, as well as some new things I figured could be quite helpful this time round, made the list. Mostly, I figured we would just come back around our due date to pick up the essentials at that 10% discount. As it was our third child I didn't necessarily expect a baby shower, but figured that some family and friends might also want some suggestions for baby gifts. (To my surprise, they actually ended up throwing me two showers!)

This week we received our highly anticipated 10% discount coupon in the mail. I was disappointed to read the fine print that excluded diapers and formula. My spirits were only temporarily dampened, however, because we found out that were able to use the registry discount in conjunction with other coupons. Wahooo! We still needed to get the stroller system and by adding another 15% coupon we would be able to do so at 25% off! Saving money can be so exciting sometimes.

Today we made the d-day discount visit to acquire all the essentials still remaining on our registry. With all the gift cards and money we had received between the two showers, we were able to have a relatively full shopping spree for FREE! Yes, free!

We were able to get the stroller system, booster seat, baby gate as well as lots of little things like a bunch of wipes! It was quite a blessing to finish stocking the nursery and have a sense of complete preparedness should baby arrive tonight.

So if you were feeling like it wasn't worthwhile to take the time to register . . . think again! Sign up for things you know you'll need, like wipes, receiving blankets, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, etc. They give you a couple months to take advantage of the registry discount, so you can even wait until after baby arrives.

Thanks Babies R Us for my due date discount shopping spree!

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