Friday, July 27, 2012

Final Destination On The Potty Train!

Nearing the end of our potty training journey!
There is an almost audible screeching of the brakes as Cupcake and I round the bend, approaching the last tunnel, rattling slowly toward our final destination on The Potty Train.  We embarked on the scenic route, had a few delays, switched gears to the fast track and hope to disembark soon at No Diaper Depot!

The ultimate goal of complete potty independence seemed miles away at the beginning of our journey, but now I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We've gone from diapers to pull-ups over the course of several months as we introduced Cupcake to the world of potty training.  During our Intensive Potty Training Day, we made the switch from diapers to underwear while at home.  The last leg of our journey involves ditching the diapers for outings, naps and bedtime.

We have already had several successful trips out of the house without incident (or diapers!), which gives me hope that we are on our way to freedom soon.  Cupcake even prefers wearing panties to pull-ups, except at naps and bedtime when she asks for her "Cinderella" diaper.  She does, however, start pleading for diapers and whining about how much she "no likes panties!" during the occasional accident (only 3 so far!)   This aversion of accidents on her part is an encouragement to me, since it means that she will continue to do her best to avoid them.  Of course, it takes an extra measure of patience to clean up and then coax her back into her pretty little undies!

Constant supervision on my part will be necessary to help her avoid the accidents and continue to build her confidence.  This means reminding her to go potty, keeping an eye on her as she maneuvers on and off, assisting her in completing her potty routine when necessary and helping her be prepared to do it all by herself in time for preschool at the end of the summer.  (Always helps to have a deadline!)

It also may mean allowing her a few more diapers to help ease the transition of those stubborn little poopies!  Poor little Cupcake has been plugged up for two days and just couldn't do her duty until I gave her a little time back in the diaper for a longer car ride.  Our next step will be to focus on having her accomplish both types of elimination on her own in the bathroom.  One down, two to go (a little potty humor for ya!)

Once Cupcake has accomplished complete potty independence for a solid week, we will throw her a potty party.  We did this for each of our kids and it was a great incentive for them to get over any final hurdles.  Cupcake already has her potty party planned and is eager to invite all her "fans" (aka, friends!)

I hope you have enjoyed the ride here on our Potty Train express and would love to hear about your journey in potty training!


  1. Thanks for going to all the effort to log the details of potty training! This will be super helpful for us as we begin thinking about boarding the Potty Train.

    1. Thanks, Mary! Hope it is helpful as you start the journey!