Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Nappers!

Cupcake with her new friend, Princess!

Cupcake was thrilled, recently, to receive her very own Happy Napper!  It arrived just in time to accompany us on a rather long road trip.  This fluffy unicorn turned out to be a great travel companion, providing a friend for Cupcake by day and a pillow by night!  The unicorn turns inside out to become a purple, princess castle.  Cupcake, and her little friend that we were visiting, were amused by the door bell which makes neighing sounds as it wakes up the sleeping unicorn.

Plush Princess Unicorn!

These Happy Nappers are geared for pre-schoolers with a durable zipper through which the animal is pulled or stuffed.  Cupcake, at only 2 1/2 years, had difficulty using the zipper, whereas her older (and therefore more dexterous friend) had an easier time.  Age 3 + does indeed seem to be the perfect age to be able to maneuver this pal from pet to pillow without Mommy's continual help.  I expect that Cupcake will be mastering those skills over the next few months as she approaches her third birthday.  Until then, she seems quite content to sleep all snuggled up with her new found friend, Princess!

In addition to the unicorn, there are several different Happy Nappers from which to choose: puppy, ladybug, penguin, dragon and monkey. If you are interested in getting one for the little napper in your life, use the promo code SPECIAL4U to get free shipping when you order discounted Happy Nappers at this site! A portion of all Happy Napper's proceeds will be given to the Home Sweet Home Fund to benefit the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation.

Happy Nappers, by Jay At Play, are also available at Toys R US or Amazon.  They range in cost from $9.99- $19.99, depending on what sales or discounts you might find.  I was shocked to discover that they were under twenty bucks! I really expected them to cost much more, especially once I had one in hand.  It is a rather large and very cuddly stuffed animal, so you definitely get your money's worth with this product!

In addition to the traditional Happy Nappers, it seems that they are branching out to Disney characters.  I know exactly what I'm gonna get for my Minnie-obsessed Cupcake for her birthday - her very own Minnie Mouse Happy Napper!

Disclaimer: I did receive this product in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine...and Cupcake's!

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