Friday, December 2, 2011

Allergy Free Fun Fridays: Milk & Cookies?!

Delicious GF Ginger Snaps!
If you find yourself needing to restrict some (or even most) of your favorite foods due to allergies, then welcome aboard!  With lots of mild allergies, I have found that just by giving up the wheat I feel so much better.  I have not ventured to completely gluten free, mostly because I seem to be able to stick better to food restrictions when it's just one thing at a time!  Bit simpleminded, but so far it's workin' for me!

Since I've been avoiding wheat, I have found my allergy, fibromyalgia and IBS symptoms to be greatly reduced. Based on that, I plan to continue my avoidance of wheat and search for substitutions when I miss some favorite foods.

Today, it was milk and cookies!  Just had a craving for that traditional American after-school snack. Searching my pantry, I found some wheat free, gluten free Ginger Snaps from Mary's Gone Crackers.

If you're a fan of the usual ginger snaps found in the orange box this time of year, then I highly recommend these!  Mary's Ginger Snaps were so flavorful and tasty.  They were also a bit easier to bite into - I recall that the traditional ones are very hard and absolutely must be dunked in milk.  The ginger snaps held up very well when I dipped them in a bit of whole milk I "borrowed" from Baby!  Hmmmm, Hmmmm, Hmmmm!

I was not paid for, nor did I receive any thing for this post. Just happy to share a yummy treat I found in my kitchen! I think these are some delicious snacks that are Christmas-cookie-plate worthy! Please leave a comment or link to your favorite allergy free cookie!

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