Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Makes The Chicken Soup When Mom's Sick?! Yup, That's Right, MOM!

After a whirlwind of weeks with end of school festivities, "vacation" in Ohio (attempting to keep my toddler out of harms way, teens entertained, Hubby happy & help out with elderly in-laws, may qualify as a nice family visit, but not vacation!), several days of laundry, appointments, meetings, special viewing of  Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, and packing the teens up to ship them off to Florida with my folks for 10 days (lookin' like a staycation for me!), I awoke this morning understandably sick!

Longing for my built in babysitters who are winding their way through the East coast states with their cousins, I dragged myself out of bed with a nasty head cold to the cheerful smiles of Cupcake. Amazingly, she slept in til almost 9:30 am, needing to recover herself from our late night rendezvous to drop off her siblings.  I was a little concerned that her late awakening would equate to no nap today, but surprisingly she is back on her routine, passing out just before 1 p.m. 

I was hoping to take a nap while Baby did the same, however, a much needed hot shower to clear the sinuses awaits.  After that I need to get started on some chicken soup.  After all, who makes the chicken soup when Mom is sick?!  Yup, you got that right...MOM!

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