Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cupcake's First Play Date!

Yesterday, Cupcake had her first official play date with a little friend. Now Baby, (suppose Toddler or Tot would be a more appropriate nickname as 2 is quickly approaching!) has played with lots of other children at church, parties, picnics and events, but yesterday was the first time where she had one little girl her age over to play.

It seems that there was "something in the water" the year that she was born, since most everyone we know who had babies at the same time all had boys! At church, in our family, our neighbors - boys, boys, boys and more boys! She won't be lacking for possible prom dates in about 15 years! The only girls near her age are either too far away to see on a regular basis or a year or two ahead or behind, which won't matter too much in a few years when they can play together more easily.

Imagine my delight, when we finally met another little girl her age, just a couple months apart!  The two little girls have been playing together at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) this past year.  Cupcake and I have been going to MOPS since she was a month old.  Naturally, the other mothers I'd met at MOPS had boys the same age.  All but one! (Logical conclusion: she and I must drink the same water.)

Official play date time arrived and Cupcake answered the door at a run, very excited to greet her friend!  Her little friend (along with her older brother) enjoyed a quick tour of the place and settled in at the playroom (surprise, surprise.)  We Moms enjoyed chatting and catching up at a safe distance from the fort that was being created, managing to evade attack and being drafted into service!  The girls enjoyed emptying bins of toys, riding the princess car, looking at books, playing with baby dolls, throwing balls, building with blocks and of course, storming in and out of the fort which our guest trooper had created with our baby gates!

It was impressive how well they all played together (or even next to each other which is typical for two year olds!)  Proud Mid-Life Mama was glad to see how well Cupcake shared her toys and books, not a single tear was involved (what more could one ask of a couple of two year olds?!)  It was nice to see her finally have someone her size to play with and sit with in her seesaw chair!  They actually squeezed in one side together while her friend's brother sat on the other side and gave them a nice little ride (always helps to have an older bro who knows the ropes.)

After cleaning up all the toys, very cooperatively I might add, they all decided that our house was perfect for running around in circles whilst squealing.  Considering this is one of Cupcakes most favorite pass times (especially when she finds herself in an echoey library, church hallway or grocery aisle), she was thrilled...truly in her element!  At one point, Swiffer, our white, fluffy cat became the center of attention, but she was not nearly as excited about it as the rest of them!

Eventually, the time came to bid our guests farewell.  The girls each said adorable good byes. Cupcake waved and watched wistfully from the door as her little friend made her way to the car with her family.  After a quick lunch I carried an exhausted little Tot up the stairs to bed, a smile on her face the whole ride.  I asked her if she had a good time with her friend and she kept saying, with fatigued delight, "fren, fren, fren."  She rolled out of my arms and promptly fell asleep for a much earned nap.  Hopefully, her "fren" did the same for her Mom, too!


  1. Sounds like a great day and the nappie was truly a bonus! :)

  2. At least she's able to play in the room. It's about letting the kid enjoy and have fun.

  3. I think they had a great time with each other. Giving your children time to enjoy is like letting them live the way they want to.

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