Monday, May 9, 2011

Dancing With The Stars: Week Eight

We're down to the Final Five: Chelsea, Ralph, Hines, Romeo & Kirstie.  Tonight should be exciting with the instant dance thrown into the mix. 

Chelsea:  Her Waltz this evening was just breathtaking.  Love the projection with the water washing up on the ballroom floor like a beach...really helped set the mood.  Very interesting choreography at times and yet a stunning Waltz.  Ooohh!  Carrie Ann said she "earned perfection!"  Wahoo!  First couple to get two 10's this season.  Surprisingly, (note sarcasm please) Len held out with a 9.

Instant Salsa Dance:  I thought their instant dance was amazing.  Carrie Ann, thought they didn't connect with the music, so they got an 8 and two 9's for a total of 55 for the night.

Hines: What a cute and adorable Fox Trot! So much fun to watch. The judges are comparing him to Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly...should be some great scores! A 28...I'm surprised he didn't tie with Chelsea.

Instant Jive:  Chantilly Lace is one of my favorite oldies' songs.  He did a great job with much fun!  He got the same as Chelsea, the crowd was booing Bruno's 8.  Gives him a total of 54 for the night.

Romeo:  His Tango was definitely better than last weeks lackluster Samba.  However, the intensity of the dance seemed to be all Chelsie.  Seems like all the judges felt the intensity from him that I seemed to miss.  Triple 9's for a 27, I think that's a great score!

Instant Salsa: Wow!  That was a great Salsa, with some pretty cool little tricks.  Len seemed to like it better than the other judges too. Two 8's and a 9 (from Len!), is a bit low.  Gives them a 52 for the night.

Ralph: Wow!  An exceptional Viennese Waltz, considering they only put in 9 hours of rehearsal instead of the usual 40 due to Ralph's injury.  I was concerned when Karina indicated that she was choreographing a dark, violent Viennese Waltz (I like the romantic, traditional style), but I think it was very nicely done.  "Life imitating" art as Tom said, with a leg injury at the climax of Karate Kid.  Oh, too bad, a 25.  As Ralph said, "it can't end this way!"  I hope his fans rally to keep him in...I want to see him dance another day.

Instant Cha Cha Cha:  Loved the little tribute to the Karate Kid injury he has going on.  Amazing that they managed to pull off such a great dance with no practice.  Awww, three 7's gives him a 46 total.  I sure hope he doesn't leave tomorrow night, but these numbers may be difficult to overcome.

Kirstie:  She danced an intriguing Argentine Tango.  I love this type of tango, it just has such a flare to it and I think Kirstie brought that finesse and intensity to it.  She is looking like she has lost quite a bit of weight, she is looking great!  A 10 and two 9's...way to go Kirstie with a 28!
Instant Salsa:  A little off, but great fun!  Two 8's and a 9 from Len!  Total of 53 for tonight.
Anything could happen at tomorrow's results show.  I'm a bit nervous to see who will be going home.


Kirstie & Maks kicked off the evening with their Argentine Tango!  So Kirstie & Hines are both safe.  I'm a little surprised that Kirstie is not in jeopardy, but I'm sure she has a huge fan base, not too mention that her Argentine Tango was a hit.  What will this mean?!  If I have to pick one to leave it would be Romeo, because I really want to see Chelsea and Ralph in the Final Four.  But I fear that Ralph could be going home after his marks last night due to his injury.  That's a real shame - it would be great if he did have a comeback.  I'll be very upset if Chelsea leaves, because I think she is the best dancer out of everyone!

Dance center is always fun and humorous.  I really enjoyed the brothers who were showcased tonight. 

Yay!  Chelsea is safe...I was so nervous...but now it's down to Ralph and Romeo.  I'm still nervous.  I don't want to see Ralph go...not yet!  Whew!  Ralph is safe.  Romeo is going home.  It's sad to see, because he really did a great job and improved immensely.  I did not expect him to perform his dances with such finesse and elegance...quite a transformation!

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