Monday, May 23, 2011

Dancing With The Stars Season 12 Finale!

I am so excited to sit down with the kids, the popcorn & the laptop to enjoy the Dancing with the Stars Finals!  Chelsea, Hines and Kirstie are up against each other tonight with the judges selection and the freestyle.  Our family is particularly excited about Chelsea being in the finals and are rooting for her to grab that mirror ball trophy.  Of course, I would not be too disappointed if Hines received the trophy, as he is also an exceptional dancer!  I have really enjoyed watching Kirstie, too! Can't wait to find out who will win tomorrow night.

Chelsea:  Her judges choice dance is the Samba.  Carrie Ann gave her some pointers to have a more sexy, rather than perky, Samba.  Chelsea did a great job with it, although I'm with Len on the flailing arm section...not a fan.  Two 10's and a 9 give her a 29 for her first finals dance!  Face it, that girl can move!

Freestyle:  Wow!  Quite the high energy dance.  Very entertaining with some pretty impressive moves!  A bit too hip hoppity for my taste.  I would have liked to have seen more ballroom and less throwing Chelsea around for their final dance.  Go figure - the judges loved it! I'm bettin' she ends the night with a perfect score! Yup, a 30!

Kirstie: The judges gave her the Samba as well.  Unfortunately, coming right after Chelsea it seemed a bit slow at the start.  Once it got going, I really enjoyed it. She did a fantastic job...even tackled the Samba rolls very nicely!  Three 9's for a 27!

Freestyle: Awesome job, Kirstie!  I loved all the nice lifts...probably would have preferred another one instead of the cartwheel...only because that just doesn't seem quite like a dance move.  Although, I'm so impressed that she can do one...I wouldn't dare to try that and I'm only in my 40's!  I did enjoy all the dancing elements and lifts that they incorporated.  Aw, three 9's for another 27.  I think she deserved a 10 or two.

Hines:  His judges choice dance is the Quick Step.  Puttin' On The Ritz is the perfect song for a Quick Step!  That was such a fun dance to watch and he did a wonderful job.  Surprisingly, Len didn't feel it had the wow factor that he wanted.  Carrie Ann and Bruno certainly disagreed with their 10's.  Hines received a total of 29.

Freestyle:  Oh, after 7 years of rifle twirling, they had me at Half-time Act!  Lookin' forward to this one.  Love it already with the marching band outfit and drum line!  I am so nervous watching him do those lifts with Kym after the accident last week.  I absolutely loved this dance.  Definitely my favorite freestyle of the night because it was so much more of a dance then the others.  Awesome job, Hines, I'd give you an 11!  He finishes with a perfect score of 30!

Can we give two trophies?  I don't think I could choose between Hines and Chelsea after tonight!  I think it will be one of them and it could really go either way.  It should be a nail biting finale tomorrow night!

BTW:  I wish Ralph was still competing.  He was missed tonight.

FINALE:  Fun to see everyone back for the season finale!  Glad that Mike Catherwood is back for some more comic relief - too funny with his dance troupe audition! 

Josh Groban's surprise performance of You Raise Me Up while Petra danced was just beautiful.  She is so graceful and his voice is so rich - what a nice treat!

Love the set up for a match in the ring between wrestler Chris Jericho and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.  Fun with the dueling dances!  Chris Jericho's impression of Bruno was hysterically spot on - he should go into stand up comedy!

I enjoyed the dance with Romeo and Chelsie ... for the kids.  Loved his statement about how God gives you dreams a size too big so you can grow!

Loved Ralph's Quick Step reprisal.  Reminded me a little bit of Gene Kelly!

Chelsea: Wow!  I loved that Chelsea's last dance was the Wizard Waltz to the theme from Harry Potter.  This time it did really feel like more of a Viennese Waltz.  What a way to end her dancin' days on DWTS!  A perfect score of 30!

Kirstie:  She looks amazing after 10 weeks of dancing!  She really attacked that Cha Cha - what a finish - truly her best dance!  Out of the three finalists she is really the one who has made the biggest transformation.  Wow!  A perfect score of 30!

Hines:  A wonderful, upbeat Samba to finish out the season!  This is going to be an unbelievably tight competition, especially if he picks up the third perfect score of the night!  Twinkle Toes strikes again with a score of 30!

I don't think this has ever happened before with all the finalists ending up with a 30 for their final dance!  This trophy could go to anyone!  I'm thinking that the final two will come down to Chelsea and Hines, but we could be in for a big surprise.

NO WAY!  I cannot believe that Chelsea took third place.  She deserved to be on top for sure.  I'm stunned! 

Hines is the new DWTS Champion!  He definitely deserved to take that trophy, too! Way to go, Hines!

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  1. It has been such a crazy week and I finally got over here to see what you thought about the finale. I loved both Hines and Chelsea so would have been happy with either but was not happy with Chelsea getting THIRD! What the heck??