Monday, March 7, 2011

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Diaper Pail!

If you're just starting out at the local baby super store, creating your registry, then you are probably scanning the bar code for the latest diaper pail contraption.  We had the same intentions when we embarked on our quest for registry items with our latest bundle of joy.

I assumed that we would go ahead and register for the Diaper Genie refills for the old Diaper Genie that was still sitting in our garage from the previous two users (now 13 & 15).  Over a decade ago, we had bought the latest invention that would turn icky smelling diapers, into sweet smelling little sausages (at least that's what we had hoped would happen!)  Used properly and emptied often, the Diaper Genie does do a good job with it's scented bags keeping the dirty diapers encased like sausages and keeping your nursery smelling clean and fresh.

If, however, you run your household a little less efficiently, (as many a sleep deprived mom is apt to do) then you might just want to forgo the dung heap of a diaper pail that will inevitably make you gag.  My recollection is that instead of emptying the diaper pail in a timely fashion, and thus avoiding the pile up of smelly little sausages, it kind of turned into a competition between me and hubby.  You know, the passive-aggressive-see-who-caves-first-to-take-out-the-stinky-trash competition?  Inevitably our noses were the casualties in those battles.  I just assumed that he had gotten the memo about trash being the man's job and he assumed that diapers fell into the womanly category.  Don't worry our communication skills have greatly improved over the last 18 years of marriage!

Despite our war torn history with the diaper pail, I still went ahead and registered for the Diaper Genie refills.  Perhaps it was the intoxicating effect of the bar code gun beeping triumphantly with each refill I registered or the haze that comes with time that makes us forget the pain of labor or even smelly diaper pails!  Whatever the hormone induced reason, we found ourselves registered for multiple refills and happily received them at our baby showers.

When the time came to pull out the Diaper Genie during the nesting phase of pregnancy, I dutifully trekked through cobwebs to retrieve it.  Apparently, the cats do their job keeping the mice out of the house, but have relegated them to the garage where they enjoyed making use of the diaper pail. . . ewwww!  After hubby then cleaned the mouse excrement (because that does fall under the man's job description when the woman is pregnant!) we attempted to insert the refills we had received.  Naturally, they didn't fit.  More than 10 years and several models later the current refills would not fit our old, out dated Diaper Genie!

Back to the baby super store we went to return our unused refills.  In lieu of purchasing a new fangled diaper pail we decided to go old school.  We threw out our old Diaper Genie and resorted to good old grocery store bags.  That's right!  We don't need no stinkin' diaper pail! Instead we hang a bag on the knob of the changing table, throw a couple dirty diapers in and bring it down to put in the kitchen trash or right outside if it is a really ripe one.  This has been working very well this time around: for our three amigos, for our marriage and for our bank account.  Our nursery smells clean and fresh and as long as we don't revert to any trash can wars . . . so does our kitchen!

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  1. Those Diaper Genies do get nasty. Glad you found something that works.