Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visions of Blog Posts

Considering I have not graced the blogosphere with my presence since March, anyone who might still be out there may be wondering where I've been. On vacation...well, mostly just life, followed by vacation. Here's a little ditty I wrote while escaping from life last week.

'Twas the night of vacation and all through the car
the children were stirring and asking, “How far?”

With a prayer, a map and the trusty GPS
we headed down south and hoped for the best.

Dad at the wheel, while I sat shotgun
the kids settled down and the fun was begun.

I spy, twenty questions, the license plate game
telling joke after joke no matter how lame.

Dresses and shirts were hung way in the rear
while the rest of the van burst with much baby gear.

Diapers, wipes, bottles, bibs and books off the shelf
I had to just laugh in spite of myself.

How could adding a babe require all of these things?
I can't think of an item we had forgotten to bring.

Play pen, blankies, binkies, swimsuits and stuff
Plus that special old bear who is all-stuffed-with fluff.

The baby gate strapped snugly to the roof
in hopes that we'd keep the week baby proof.

Sitting in traffic with red lights up ahead
while visions of blog posts danced in my head.

Of baby's first tooth, first foods and first word
to graduation days full of reward and awards.

First sitting, then crawling, now cruising and standing
The way she says, “Hi!” we all find quite outstanding.

From glasses to contacts her sister watches over
as brother's silly antics wildly amuse her.

Fortunately she finds their attention quite silly
and grants us a laugh that comes right from her belly!

As we drive on and on day becomes night
and we hope that the end of the tunnel's in sight.

Then what to my wondering eye should appear
but the name of our exit, the destination is near!

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