Monday, March 8, 2010

Farewell Maternity Clothes!

Today I am packing up the last of the maternity clothes. Officially, a chapter in my life has come to a close. At 41, I don't anticipate having any more children and I think, to my husband's relief, I can finally say that I feel done in the childbearing department. Although it is exciting to have lost almost all the pregnancy weight (about 2 lbs to go!) and put on some pre-pregnancy clothes, it is hard to say good bye to this part of my life.

I loved being pregnant! This pregnancy, especially, was wonderful. It had its ups and downs because of my age, but all in all I felt better pregnant than not! If I could just capture that second trimester high and bottle it to get me through those post-partum days when things can get you down. . .well, I think I could get rich quick. . .hmmmm.

The majority of the clothes have gone now, on to friends at church who were expecting, some to charity and this last bag to a teacher at school. There are a few things left that I may attempt to sell at a consignment store in the fall or pass on to anyone who will be expecting in the winter or spring.

Most of the stuff I wore with the first two kids was quite outdated, so I donated those awhile ago where they probably turned them into rags! However, there are a couple of really nice, classic items I've had since my first daughter was born, 14 years ago. (Can you say "sentimental pack rat?) This pregnancy didn't line up as far as seasons go, so now it is time to say good bye for good!

The baby will be 7 months old this coming Saturday, so it is high time to bid the maternity clothes farewell, especially since I've been able to where regular clothes for several months now! The only reason I was holding on to them for this long was because of the umbilical hernia surgery I had. Believe me, maternity pants were sooooo much more comfortable for the duration of the recovery! Now that I am completely recovered, almost back to pre-pregnancy weight and the weather is warming up, it is time to pull out the skinnier spring clothes that I haven't seen since 2008. Hmmm, this may warrant adding some new updated items, don't ya think?

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